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Causil is the main organizing body behind Freedom 25.

Come celebrate the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Freedom Sunday March on Washington and the success of the Soviet Jewry Movement.

August Check-In

With only one week left until the second annual Future of Jewish Nonprofit Summit in New York, we have been busily preparing for what promises to be a great morning.  If you have yet to buy your ticket… what are you waiting for? We’ve listened to your great feedback and continue to tailor our events to your professional development needs.

Now only $99, register here and join us at the Bronfman Center at NYU on the morning of August 24.

Want to Attend #FOJNP for FREE?

If you don’t read about an event, see pictures, watch a video or follow the Twitter hashtag of an event… did it really happen?

In that light, we are announcing a new scholarship, “Poster in Residence” Scholarship Program, to bring talented bloggers, writers, photographers, videographers and other social media addicts to the Future of Jewish Nonprofit Summit. Find out more and apply here.

You can now watch previous Summit videos here.

Causil & The Kosher Summit in the Press

As many of you have already noticed, both Zecharia Mehler, our Director of Kosher Marketing and I appeared in this quarter’s YU Today about the Kosher Summit.  We were honored with other amazing individuals in our field and can’t wait to see many of you on November 7th at the Kosher Summit. Find out more here.


Thank you to all those who entered our #FOJNP Chicago survey.  We use your responses to better our offering – we believe that we are in a state of “constant beta”. The winner of a $25 gift certificate to Amazon is…. Rabbi Shaanan Gelman of Kehilat Chovevei Tzion in Skokie, IL.

Light Reading

I try to spend some time every day reading something new.  It reenergizes my creative juices and always gives me what to think about.  Here are a couple I’ve really enjoyed:

Jeremy Epstein, Chief Marketing Navigator at Never Stop Marketing (I love that title!), talks about the relevance and importance of reaching beyond top influencers in his post, “What Klout is Really Good For.”  As we have said many times before, it is important to stay grounded when trying to access your “relative virality” which can be achieved by reaching your Raving Fans.  As Jeremy puts it, “just like home runs never make up more than 40% of a baseball team’s annual production, the bulk of your marketing should be focused on generating a lot of walks, singles and doubles.”

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures writes about their recent investment in the education technology sector, Skillshare.  I had the opportunity to hear Skillshare present at our local DC Tech Meetup last month and was amazed. Now anyone can offer their own skills as a class and be financially rewarded. As Albert puts it, “the Internet provides a unique new opportunity. In addition to teachers at schools and universities there are many more people who are knowledgeable and passionate about a wide variety of subjects.  Skillshare lets everyone who is passionate set up a class and find students.”

~Until next time!

Dave Weinberg. CEO, Causil.

You can reach me anytime dave@causil.com or on Twitter @weinberg81