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Causil Now Offering Recruiting Services

Talent is the #1 differentiator in how successful your organization can be.

“The ability to find and hire the right people can make or break your business. It is as plain as that. No matter where you are in the life cycle of your business, bringing in great talent should always be a top priority.” – Michael Dell

In working with dozens of nonprofit clients over the years, Causil has become one of the premier consulting firms in the industry.  Until now, our reputation and experience have led us to be of service to organizations in the realm of Strategy and Logistics.  Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Wheaton Group which creates Causil Talent [http://causil.com/talent], a headhunting division and searchable applicant resume database.

The Causil Talent “Personal Touch” headhunting services team will work with organizations in sourcing top talent across all seniority levels and in all categories of expertise.

If “talent” is the number one differentiator, why do most organizations only focus on the top of the pyramid? This classic misnomer is often only identified in the nonprofit sector with the senior most individual. Imagine how much more valuable, nimble, responsible and impactful your organization could be if the talent search you conducted at every level was given the same “high touch” experience as those of your senior team.

Since Causil works with a vast array of organizations who themselves are constantly on the “pulse” of the community, we have access to a vast network of talent, support and visibility – all at your disposal.

Causil Talent’s ability to successfully fill your openings will allow you to focus on what you do best.  We take care of all the marketing, outreach, filtering and vetting so that all you have to do is make the final “interview & hire” decisions.

The Causil Talent Applicant Database is targeted, updated live and specific to your needs, unlike those gigantic catch-all sites.  By giving you access to our industry-leading resume database, we put you in the driver’s seat, controlling the search start to finish.  Unlike traditional “high touch” recruiters, this cost-effective solution allows you to use the power of the crowd in finding your next hire.

Tell us about your hiring challenges today so that we can begin crafting your organization’s cost-effective solution.

Job Seekers, don’t just toss your resume and information into another database where it will sit, never looked at by the in-house recruitment team.

Adding your valuable professional information to Causil Talent will open doors to organization hiring managers and our dedicated team. Since our database is accessible directly to organizations hiring at every level, your profile is infinitely more visible with us.

Add your resume to the Causil Talent Applicant Database.

Contact Us Today:

Dave Weinberg, Causil CEO. dave@causil.com or (301) 328-1548

Aric Kabillio, Causil Talent Managing Director. aric@causil.com or (240) 418-4201