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Causil is the main organizing body behind Freedom 25.

Come celebrate the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Freedom Sunday March on Washington and the success of the Soviet Jewry Movement.

The Future of Education in the Jewish Community

In the past year, one of the strongest trends we have seen in the US Jewish Community is the growth in importance of Day School Education.  Within this wide category, we are seeing more money, staff, thought, events, white papers, statements and general “hub bub” poured in – in a massive effort to light a fire under the kehilla (community).

The AVI CHAI Foundation, one of Causil’s clients, has been steadily working across all segments of our community to imagine, incubate and fund various aspects of this push.  This effort is commendable and worth checking out for yourself – just read “The AVI CHAI Education Technology Blog.” This one category, which they have funded, is a repository of content from the brightest and more active participants in this segment of the race to better and modernize Jewish Education – all of whom have participated in AVI CHAI sponsored programs.

There are a vast number of players in this market ranging from the established, Yeshiva University, PEJE and the OU – down to the “start ups” such as PELIE, The National Torah Academy and Behrman House’s new Online Portal.  Each play their respective roll and many continually communicate and get together in order to streamline, remove duplicative efforts and pave a unified vision moving forward as one community.

To that end, Causil has helped various clients imagine, create and manage conferences, summits and bubble events in this category across the country.  In the past year alone, Jewish educators, lay leaders and nonprofit professionals have gathered at more that a dozen separate education-based events.

Schools across the country, both new and existing, are beginning to experiment with various models of education and finance – both to tackle the issues of sustainability and those of affordability.  Causil has begun working with schools and institutions in the area of recruitment strategy so that they can begin to hire smarter, become more efficient and be more costs effective.

While we can’t predict which school and models will ultimately fail or success, we applaud their efforts.

“Ki Sheva Yipol Tzadik V’Kam.” For a righteous man will fall seven times and then get up. (Mishlei 24:16)

We look forward to the next twelve months – a time of renewal and excellence for all of us..