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Causil is the main organizing body behind Freedom 25.

Come celebrate the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Freedom Sunday March on Washington and the success of the Soviet Jewry Movement.

Check out more about WorkMill at TheWorkMill.com


WorkMill creates “open” co-working spaces in unused synagogue rooms for weekday entrepreneurial use.


The “WorkMill” initiative is aimed at attracting and maintaining a young entrepreneurial demographic to the community in order to help seed long term growth.  By locating an office setting locally, keeping prices below market cost and establishing a unique camaraderie among the group, WorkMill will help keep young entrepreneurs living in, near and around the community.

Just offering “cheap space” is not enough, Causil believes a modern community needs to tie in various players and activities in order to make WorkMill a success from all angles: communal, host space, business & organizational sponsors and of course for the entrepreneurs.  Each entrepreneur will be paired with a mentor to focus on business growth, resulting in new communal relationships.  Mentors, who already respect the intrinsic value of giving back to their community, will get the opportunity to connect with each other monthly as well as with emerging young talent. Local businesses and organizations who sponsor will yield exposure, but will also gain access to the entrepreneurs’ valuable time and expertise.

Communal buildings such as synagogues, day schools and others, rarely operate fully open facilities. Bringing active usage closer to 100% over the course of a week and throughout the year while making a financial gain on that space is a win win for the hosting organization.

Causil has worked with various partners and clients over the past few years establishing co-working spaces, business incubators and venture capital funds.  In this capacity, Causil as developed the expertise necessary to create, manage and oversee a venture such as WorkMill.

Causil believes that by keeping talent local, tapping into mentors, tying in businesses and highlighting organizations, communities can create a new source of engagement and maintain long-term growth.


Causil plans to open various WorkMill test market locations  in Q1 2012:

2in the DC metro area (MD suburbs), 1 in Chicago and 1 in Toronto.

If you are interested in opening a WorkMill location in your synagogue, yeshiva, day school or other communal location, please be in touch..

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